Curl Defining Products?

Earlier anon asked for some products that could define her curls; she has a texturizer. I suggested one ‘n only Argan Oil Curl Cream. I’d love to hear from you guys & I’m sure she would too. Reply or submit! Stay blessed.

Do you guys have any products to suggest? 

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  3. onlythe1truth said: I love Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Gel for defining curls and combating frizz. Eco Styler is a very popular gel in the online natural world, though. Either way, after the gel dries apply a little bit of oil to the hair to soften the crunch.
  4. iadornjewelry said: Oh Wow!!Question …lol the Argon oil ,How does it work for you?I have a small .5oz sample of One n Only that I got from St Maarten.I LOVE the way it smells,but I have never seen this brand in NYC…Vatika deep conditioner helps define.
  5. denikinks said: i’ve use either eco styler gel or kinky curly curling custard.
  6. mysweetthang said: ORS Loc & Twist Gel sometimes just a light conditioner like Suave Tropical Coconut works for me EcoStyler Olive Oil with a moisturizer underneath
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  8. heythereblondieeee said: aloe vera gel?